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Metal Detecting

Where history meets technology?

We have a wide range of metal detecting skills within the group.  We have some novices to the hobby ranging through to detectorists with many years' experience.  Metal detecting has proved to be an indispensible tool in historical and heritage investigation.

Any fears of 'treasure hunting' should be put to one side where metal detecting is involved.  It's just another (though highly significant) tool in historical research.

Metal detectors have become very sophisticated, to the point where a detector can discriminate between different metallic types, avoiding wherever possible spending time digging out crushed drinks cans, ring pulls and decayed barbed wire, none of which contribute a great deal to an historical study!  However, if we find any these are removed as they may pose a hazard to wildlife and livestock alike.

Any holes that are dug are carefully filled back in again and any junk items removed.  Our aim is for no-one to be able to see where we've been and also to ensure no potential injuries can occur to people or livestock.  We also carefully follow the Country Code with regard to litter, gates and so on.  We approach our hobby in a careful, respectful manner.  According to our strapline, we cannot preserve the past if we don't respect what we have now.

Another point worth making is that metal detecting is also a useful tool in places like old cellars and barns.  Anywhere really that has a dirt floor.